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“It became uneasy”: people are arguing on social networks whether passengers should be weighed before departure

News about another airline’s decision to weigh passengers sparked a heated debate on social media. Starting from February 5, at Helsinki Airport, all passengers departing on Finnair flights are invited to voluntarily join the experiment. In 3 days, more than 800 people have already agreed to step on the scale. The numbers are visible only to employees at registration and are needed to check the calculated parameters and optimize the balancing of the aircraft. This is a new practice, as such studies are carried out every 5 years. According to avianews, the last time Finnair did this was in 2017–2018.

Despite the fact that there is no talk of mandatory weighing of each passenger, some observers perceive the experiment as a prologue to the introduction of such a practice on a compulsory basis.

“I can imagine what kind of circus will begin if Pobeda or Ural Airlines start weighing passengers. Not far from stuffing “paxes” into a human calibrator,” sneers one of the subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”. Another reader agrees: “I remembered how they break suitcases in calibrators. I felt uneasy.”

However, judging by the reactions under the post, many do not see anything wrong with the practice of weighing passengers and are ready to step on the scales themselves: “A ticket should cost 1 kg of live weight.”

Earlier in the telegram channel we wrote about a similar experiment Air New Zealand. Bangkok Airways, in turn, began weighing passengers along with hand luggage. Judging by the results survey, 19% of more than 2,500 participants believe that Russian airlines should also implement this practice. 33% were against it.

Source: Tourdom



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