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It has become more difficult for tourists from Russia to apply for a foreign card remotely

It has become much more difficult for clients from abroad to obtain a plastic card in Kazakhstan than before. In recent years, tourists from Russia have been quite actively ordering them for payments abroad while traveling. The whole point is in changing the requirements for issuing an individual identification number, an analogue of our TIN, which is required in Kazakh banks. The law was adopted back in December, and on February 24 it came into force.

Now the above document it is forbidden receive with the help of a representative with a notarized power of attorney without leaving the territory of the Russian Federation. They will not, as before, issue IINs at the embassies of the republic in different countries. There is only one option left – to go to Kazakhstan.

Those who are not ready for such a journey to obtain foreign plastic can consider one of the remaining alternatives to remote processing in other countries. Among them, for example, are banks in Tajikistan. Processing takes about a week plus shipping. According to telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom”their convenience is the ability to top up using a phone number from Russian bank applications.

You can also link a Kyrgyz card to your number. But this option is suitable for those who are not in a hurry – it will take about 20 days to produce plastic. Without this convenient option, but more quickly, you can open a card in Armenia. Here it will be started in 10 working days.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Russian tourists will be able to top up cards of Turkish banks through Sberbank.

Source: Tourdom



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