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It took the police 5 years to arrest the director of a travel agency for defrauding 300 tourists.

In Primorye, Anna Belyaeva, director of the Sky Travel agency, was detained and taken into custody. The woman is suspected of fraud, as a result of which 300 tourists were injured, and the total amount of damage is almost 25 million rubles.

According to materials consequences, Anna organized a travel agency in Vladivostok back in 2018 and started working. At the same time, the emphasis was placed on air transportation. For a small monetary reward, she promised her clients to buy tickets at flat rates, which are provided to residents of Primorye. They are noticeably cheaper than standard offerings, but go on sale in limited quantities.

At first, the travel agency worked well, but its popularity grew, and with it, its turnover. So, in 2019, the Cheerleading Federation of Primorye became a client of Sky Travel. Tickets to Sochi were ordered for athletes worth 2 million rubles. However, the company did not fulfill its obligations and did not return the money either. Representatives of the organization contacted not only the police, but also the media. It was then that it became clear that there were many victims of Sky Travel’s actions.

After publicity in the press, a criminal case was opened against the director of the travel agency and its employees. But soon the activity of law enforcement officers faded away. Anna Belyaeva remained free for almost 5 years. Progress appeared only this week.

“The organizer and one of the accomplices were detained in accordance with Art. 91 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. Investigators decided on the need to select a preventive measure in the form of detention by sending a corresponding petition to the court. A preventive measure was chosen against the third accomplice in the form of a written undertaking not to leave the place and proper behavior,” summed up the press service of the RF Investigative Committee for Primorye.

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