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It’s time to swim: tourists are reminded of water safety

On the Black Sea coast opens swimming season – the water has warmed up to 22 °C, and the air temperature in the cities remains at 28–30. In Crimea, the sea will be suitable for navigation on the 20th of June, Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, told reporters.

To ensure that your holiday and swimming go smoothly, we remind you about safety. Everyone knows that it’s better not to swim behind buoys, and that you can’t swim in a storm. But many people forget about the rescue flags. A yellow banner means that everything is in order and you can swim, while a red or black one warns of danger in the water.

When choosing a vacation spot, it is better to give preference to official beaches. At the bottom in such places, before the start of the season, garbage is removed so that no one gets hurt, and rescuers are on duty on the shore. You should not go to wild places alone – if a cramp or heatstroke occurs while swimming, you will have to rely only on yourself.

Those who cannot swim often use air mattresses or life preservers. It’s fun to be aground with such special equipment: they won’t let you drown, you just have to row. But a few meters from the shore you can no longer relax: the waves easily pick up mattresses and circles and carry them out to the open sea.

At the bottom of the ocean, sea, river or other body of water, local fauna often lives. Special swimming shoes will help you avoid encountering a crab claw and protect your feet from sea urchins. Slippers will also protect your feet from corals, sharp branches or other dangerous objects.

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