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“It’s useless to wait for prices for tours to drop”: how to save money on vacation in the summer of 2024

You shouldn’t expect a reduction in prices for summer tours, the majority (90%) of the 493 survey participants in the telegram channel for travel industry specialists “Roof of TourDom B2B” are sure. They answered the question “What do you recommend to your tourists if they are not ready to increase last year’s vacation budget?”

In such cases, travel agents advise reducing the duration of your vacation (31% of participants answered this), choosing another destination or resort (20%), and also considering more economical hotels (13%).


Some people use all three recommendations in their work in combination: “change the direction to another, simpler one, reduce the number of days, cut down the hotel stars – then maybe it will work.”

However, retail representatives did not limit themselves to the options presented in the survey and offered their own. “Why is there no option anywhere to “Move your vacation to a cheaper time”? – asks one of the subscribers. – Show how much a tour costs in December-January or in April and May, before/after the holidays, and all that. The prices are good, there are fewer people, and you can get last minute deals.” True, this option is not suitable for everyone – for many tourists, vacation is possible during a specific period and cannot be rescheduled.

Another travel agent will offer clients to create an individual tour, with connecting flights on foreign airlines: “I’ll put everything together myself, and it will be cheaper. I will ask tourists to pay for their tickets themselves.”

The panelists object: “These options do not reduce the price significantly. And most clients dislike flying with a transfer. They are used to more convenient direct flights. And their cost is quite high, especially on long-distance routes.”

However, there is also the following answer: “I will not recommend anything, because I will remain guilty of recommending the wrong thing. I’ll just give tourists options for their budget, and let them decide for themselves.”

This year, Russian tourists began to more often book tours and air tickets through early booking promotions. According to surveys conducted in the telegram channel “Roof of TourDoma”, the share of those who book tours 2-3 months and six months in advance in 2024 has approximately doubled compared to 2021. Tourists also began to buy air tickets earlier: in particular, at S7 Airlines, the share of sales more than 60 days before departure increased from 10% in 2022 to 16% in 2023.

Source: Tourdom



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