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Kislovodsk is not losing its chance to double tourist spending

In Kislovodsk, before the start of the summer season, there was again talk about doubling the resort tax rate from 100 to 200 rubles. per day from each tourist. Thanks to this increase, the mayor of the city, Evgeny Moiseev, wants to create a budget for the development of tourism infrastructure: “Two hundred rubles, in my opinion, is the amount that will allow us to resolve all our issues,” explained mayor.

The head of the resort expressed similar proposals last fall. Both then and now he relies on the opinion of local residents. People who will not have to pay a fee and thereby increase their vacation expenses are not against it: “We conducted a survey in the cities of the Kavminvod, and more than half of those surveyed supported this proposal.” The mayor convinces that visitors are not against the idea either.

However, comments from tourists in the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”, where they discuss the official’s initiative, they say the opposite: “Yes, vouchers are already very expensive. Trains and planes are also not falling in price. Where can we raise the resort fee even more?” – subscribers are perplexed. Alternative proposals are heard: “First, improve the quality of service by 2 times, and then we’ll see.”

Many of the vacationers recall that the rate in Kislovodsk has already been raised – from 2023, they began to charge 100 rubles from tourists staying in hotels and sanatoriums in the city. instead of the previous 50: “Appetite increases while eating. Raise it to 200 now – even this won’t be enough for them in six months.”

This year Evgeny Moiseev shared collection successes only once – in the first two months it was 29 million, which is a quarter more than planned. And for the whole 2023 This year, vacationers left 254 million in the city versus 116 million before the rate increase. The mayor is pleased that along with this growth, the number of people refusing to pay the fee is falling – supposedly there were only about such people last year thousands. The proceeds are used to improve parks, squares and other infrastructure used by residents and guests of the city.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists in St. Petersburg “sigh a lot,” but they pay the resort fee.

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