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Large family rooms are actively being bought up in luxury hotels in Anapa

If booking a small room for two in one of the premium hotels in Anapa for the summer will not be difficult – if only you had the money – then the situation with spacious family suites and apartments is more complicated. The shortage, as a TourDom.ru correspondent was convinced, was already observed at the end of February.

In the new Funf Luxury Resort & Spa 5*, which will open at the end of May, a week at the beginning of July will cost at least 278,100 rubles. for two. This amount will have to be paid for a Deluxe Pool View room (there are no classic standards in the hotel) and only if you book now. But the spacious Grand Terrace Suite was already sold out at the beginning of July; you can only stay in the second half of the month – for 435,600 rubles. with full board.

A week of relaxation at Alean Family Doville 5* in early July will cost 231,420 rubles. for two (all-inclusive accommodation). This is the price of a standard room. The hotel’s offer includes four-room apartments (up to 6 people), but in July and August you can only catch certain dates for 96 thousand rubles per day. Or book in early June – a week will cost two tourists 466,545 rubles.

A similar picture is in Alean Family Rivera 4*. It’s easy to book a standard room (RUB 196,175 for two in the first week of July). And the two-room and four-bed Family Standard was found only at the very beginning of summer – at a price of 263 thousand rubles. for two for a week of comfortable relaxation. In July and August there is a problem with places.

“Dacha del Sol” 4*, which offers accommodation in bungalows, also has difficulties with spacious houses. The Bungalow Suite format (up to five places) is almost completely sold out for the summer; only certain dates are available for 47 thousand rubles. per day. Bungalows of smaller capacity are much easier to order; the price in July starts from 252 thousand rubles. for a week for two.

However, there is still a choice of large and expensive rooms. The new hotel “City Mira Family Resort & Spa” 5* (“ultra all inclusive”) has several options for family suites starting from 431 thousand rubles. for a week’s holiday for two. There are also enough family rooms in the Grand Hotel Anapa 5*: and “cheap” ones – for 397,460 rubles. for two for a week, and more expensive. For example, an apartment with a pool and sea views will cost 827 thousand rubles.

Recently we wrotehow the all-inclusive system works in new hotels in Anapa and how much it complies with GOST adopted last year.

Source: Tourdom



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