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Lawyers explained the rights of passengers who were sent to Chelyabinsk instead of Yekaterinburg

Red Wings Airlines took passengers from Samara to Chelyabinsk instead of Yekaterinburg. According to E1.RU, people were notified of the changes only an hour before departure. According to one passenger, the airline’s hotline was unable to provide information about why this happened. photo_2024-02-22_10-35-04.jpg

A subscriber to the telegram channel Zloy_ekb said that the flight took place 30 minutes after the landing was announced. According to her, the passengers were promised that they would be met in Chelyabinsk, put on a bus and sent to Yekaterinburg, but on the spot everything turned out to be a little different.

“Neither the hotline nor the information desk said anything. After half an hour of proceedings, we were finally sent home,” the subscriber added.

Lawyer Igor Kositsyn explained to the editors of TourDom.ru that passengers can count on compensation for moral damages if the situation caused any inconvenience, physical or moral suffering, since the service, although it was actually provided, but with certain deviations from the original route.

“The reason why this happened will also be important. If due to weather or any restrictions from government agencies, then such a situation is more likely to be equated to force majeure. In this case, the company is released from liability. If force majeure cannot be proven, then compensation can be demanded,” the lawyer explained.

Also, according to the lawyer of the Alliance of Travel Agencies, Maria Chapikovskaya, passengers may demand a penalty for violating the terms of service if the flight and further delivery home took longer than planned. The amount is calculated as follows: 25% of the minimum wage for each hour of delay.

The airline itself has not yet commented on the incident.

Source: Tourdom



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