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Lawyers explained to tourists what to do with E and E in their passports

The consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the increasing number of cases where tourists were not allowed to go abroad due to discrepancies in the meaning of the letters E and E in the international passport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to the Russian Language Spelling Rules of 1956, which were approved by the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, as well as the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR, which states that the letter E is written to prevent incorrect reading and understanding of a word or “to indicate the pronunciation of a little-known word.” That is, both letters – E and E – are acceptable in documents, while E can replace E in cases where the meaning does not change.

Moreover, according to the regulations of 2020 (Nos. 2113 and 2114), when issuing a foreign passport, the applicant’s first, last and patronymic names are indicated in accordance with the identity document. The previously issued international passport acts as it, and in its absence – the internal passport. “We recommend that citizens carefully check the correctness of the name in the passport, the correspondence of its spelling with other personal documents, first of all, documents confirming the assignment of the appropriate name to the applicant,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

However, there is a nuance in the recommendations of the foreign policy department. If the old passport was originally issued with an error, then it will probably remain in the new one. And what to do in this case?

According to lawyers, the main criterion for the correct spelling of the full name is not the old passport, but an internal document. “The fact is that the basis for declaring a foreign passport invalid from December 2023 is Government Decree No. 2090 of 12/09/2023 and there is a section “Signs of invalidity…” According to this paragraph, if there is a discrepancy in the indication of last name, first name, patronymic between the Russian Federation passport and a foreign passport, in the absence of documents confirming the registration of such changes, the passport is considered invalid. On this basis, a citizen (if his full name in his Russian passport and international passport do not match in Cyrillic writing) may demand a replacement of his international passport,” commented lawyer Igor Kositsyn.

Therefore, the algorithm of action for tourists, if they suddenly notice a discrepancy, is as follows: write a written application addressed to the head of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to replace the passport due to an error, with reference to the resolution dated December 09, 2023.

We wrote earlier that the Ministry of Internal Affairs promises to quickly consider complaints about errors in foreign passports, which have recently become widespread.

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