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Lightning struck a plane carrying tourists

The Red Wings ship was flying from Antalya to Novosibirsk when it was struck by lightning, reports the Aviaincident telegram channel. The discharge hit the body of the Boeing 777-200 airliner at 23:03.

The discharge did not damage the aircraft’s skin, the equipment worked normally, and Tolmachevo Airport was very close, so the crew continued the flight. At 23:14 the ship landed safely in Novosibirsk.

Thunderstorms do not always pass without consequences for passengers and the aircraft. So, last year, a Corendon Airlines airliner returned to Antalya due to lightning striking the plane’s wing. The board turned around to check the electronics, and the tourists spent another day at the resort.

In 2019, lightning struck the side of a Red Wings airliner, damaging the left side of the aircraft. Because of this, the next flight to Antalya was delayed by 14 hours.

Source: Tourdom



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