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Lithuania believes that transit passengers from Russia pose a “threat to national security”

The Lithuanian authorities are going to prohibit the disembarkation of train passengers traveling to and from Kaliningrad at the Kyana and Kybartai stations. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, Russians who transit through Lithuania to other EU states threaten the national security of the Baltic country. Last year, only at the Kyana station, which is located near the Belarusian border, came out about 13 thousand people – 5 times more than in 2022.

Formally, Kaliningrad trains (from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Adler and Chelyabinsk) make technical stops in Kibartai and Kyan, and passengers are not allowed to get off at them. However, practice shows that many Russians disembark in Kane without any problems, go through border control and go on about their business. True, at present this is only possible for holders of a residence permit, second citizenship or special permits. And if previously the scheme could be used by holders of a regular Schengen visa (TourDom.ru spoke about the successful experience of one of the tourists in August 2022), now the way is closed to tourists: in September 2022, Lithuania introduced a ban on the entry of Russian citizens into its territory.

Last fall in Lithuania flared up scandal when four people left the Moscow-Kaliningrad train in Kyan: two Russians and two Israelis. The police launched a special investigation. However, this case did not put an end to the ability of some Russian citizens to use the transit route through the territory of Lithuania and beyond.

Let us add that today it became known that Finland will leave the border with Russia is closed until at least April 14 – the restriction period was immediately extended by 2 months. It has also become more difficult to leave for Estonia: the Ivangorod-Narva checkpoint can only be crossed on foot since the beginning of February. The reason is work on the reconstruction of the border crossing.

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