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Low-cost airline Pobeda did not please tourists at the sale

In the first half of the day on February 22, a TourDom.ru correspondent asked how profitable the air ticket prices offered by the low-cost airline Pobeda were on the sale announced today.

As indicated on the carrier’s website, the promotion will last until February 25 inclusive. Using the promotional code SILA20 you can book a seat with a 20% discount on any flights for departure dates from March 31 to October 26.

We chose a week during the May holidays, from April 28 to May 5. There are only two working days during this period, May 2 and 3 – for many it is quite possible to go on holiday abroad.

Round-trip air tickets from Moscow to Istanbul (Turkey) using a promotional code are offered for 42.7 thousand rubles, only hand luggage is included in the tariff.


If you compare with the prices of other carriers, it is not much cheaper. For example, flying on the same dates from the Russian capital to Istanbul on S7 Airlines at a baggage-free fare will cost 43.9 thousand rubles. The price is standard; the airline has not announced a sale. Unlike Pobeda, meals will be offered on board.


There is an even more symbolic difference in price on the route from Moscow to Antalya (Turkey). Pobeda offers to pay 42.9 thousand rubles for the flight using a promotional code.


Seats on flight S7 cost only 700 rubles. more expensive – 43.6 thousand rubles.


You can get more tangible benefits on the route to Dubai (UAE). Tickets for “Victory” on April 28 there and on May 5 – back cost 55 thousand rubles. The closest-priced Ural Airlines flight costs 8.7 thousand rubles. expensive. However, it is worth considering that holidays in Dubai are not budget-friendly. As a rule, it is chosen by wealthy tourists, and not everyone is satisfied with flying on a low-cost airline.

We previously wrote that Aeroflot no longer automatically includes insurance in the price of an air ticket.

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