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Low-cost airline Pobeda opened ticket sales for the winter season

Low-cost airline Pobeda announced the start of sales of air tickets for winter flights – for departures from October 27 to March 25, 2025.

We checked how competitive rates are offered on popular tourist routes from Moscow abroad during the New Year holidays. The production calendar for 2025 has not yet been approved, but judging by its draft, non-working days are expected from December 29 to January 8. We considered flights from the Russian capital on Sunday, December 29, and back a week later, on January 5.

You can fly on the specified dates with Pobeda from Moscow to Dubai (UAE) for 61.4 thousand rubles. (hereinafter the availability of tickets and prices are current as of 17:00 Wednesday, June 5. – Ed.). For luggage transportation you need to pay an additional 11.8 thousand rubles.


On the same dates, Aeroflot will take you to Dubai at a baggage-free fare for 66.9 thousand rubles, flydubai – for 87.3 thousand rubles, Ural Airlines – for 106 thousand rubles. The most expensive is Emirates, from 121.4 thousand rubles.

But on another Emirati route, Moscow – Abu Dhabi, Pobeda’s price competition is with a low-cost airline from the UAE – Air Arabia. Russian low-cost airline tickets cost 51 thousand rubles.


However, if you fly with luggage, you will have to pay 61.1 thousand rubles. Air Arabia will charge 56.2 thousand rubles from a passenger traveling light, while the additional payment for transporting a suitcase is only 2.8 thousand rubles. The total cost is 2 thousand rubles. lower than that of Pobeda – 59 thousand rubles.

As for winter Turkey, tickets for the New Year from Moscow to Antalya can now be bought from Pobeda for 47.8 thousand rubles.


Flying S7 on the same dates is only a thousand more expensive – 48.9 thousand rubles, Turkish Airlines will deliver to the resort for 56.7 thousand rubles, Aeroflot – for 62.5 thousand rubles.

An important question for tourists planning their New Year’s holiday in advance: should they buy air tickets at the start of sales or wait in the hope of “catching” better prices? There is no clear answer. Tariff dynamics depend on the relationship between supply and demand. In addition, it depends on the strategy for selling seats on flights by one or another airline. Some carriers initially offer expensive tickets, and closer to the departure dates they may give special offers to sell off unsold remaining seats. Others, on the contrary, start with attractive fares, and put a very high price tag on the empty seats remaining in the last days before the plane departs.

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