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Mako shark spotted again off the coast of Hurghada

Tourists in Hurghada warned from swimming in the sea in open spaces early in the morning and before sunset. The recommendation came last Sunday from the Egyptian Institute of Oceanography after a mako shark appeared near the coast, Al Arabiya reported yesterday.

The first video evidence of the marine predator was published on social networks at the end of last week. Vacationers filmed a large fish walking in circles around the boats. An unexpected encounter took place near the Careless reef, popular with divers, in the north of Hurghada. Not far from this area is the Palm Beach Hotel, to the south are the Sea Star Beau Rivage and the Magic Beach Hotel, to the north are the AMC Royal Hotel & Spa and the Hawaii family of hotel brand complexes. However, a mako can appear anywhere – it can swim tens of kilometers in a day.

The news about the shark caused panicky questions in the public eye about whether there was a real threat to tourists. After specialists in marine fauna identified the marine life, they reminded representatives of diving tourism and organizers of marine recreation about the rules of conduct at sea prepared for such cases. Among the rules is a ban on diving for divers and snorkeling in dangerous places.

Meanwhile, the administration of the Red Sea reserves reassured that sharks usually enter shallow waters following fish populations during spawning. According to their estimates, monitoring of the situation did not reveal any threats to vacationers in hotels. Officials promised to take immediate action if risks increase.

In the chats, the coolest ones also advised not to worry, but just to be careful. And they noted that prompt information about the appearance of sharks on social networks “will save someone’s life.”

Previously, TourDom wrote about the tragedy in Hurghada, when a Russian tourist died in the mouth of a shark. After a series of attacks on vacationers, it was decided not to install protective networks around hotels, but to begin monitoring the movements of dangerous sea predators by installing satellite transmitters on them.

Source: Tourdom



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