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Malawi cancels visas for Russian tourists

The Republic of Malawi opened on February 7 visa-free entry for tourists from fifty countries. Russia was also named among the key sources of international tourism, the national publication Nyasa Times reported yesterday.

The publication does not specify the period of stay without a visa. Until recently, Russian tourists could come to this small country in southeast Africa by registering eVisa with single entry for 30 days for $50.

Tourism Minister Vera Kamtukule called the government’s decision a bold step towards Malawi’s bright future and invited the world to experience its wonders firsthand: “The shining heart of Africa has opened its arms to all.” At the same time, people on social networks advised to first build good hotels and roads in the country. “To be honest, I forgot that Malawi exists, name some places worth visiting,” they joked in the public.

The main attraction of the country is considered to be the untouched nature in national parks: tourists come on safari and often live in guest houses. In neighboring Tanzania, for example, they proposed making the resort Zanzibar a mass destination for Russian tourists through all-inclusive services in hotels.

You can fly from Moscow to Malawi on Ethiopian Airlines. In the booking system, a round trip ticket with departure on March 22 and return on March 29 costs 139 thousand rubles. along the route Domodedovo – Addis Ababa – Lilongwe. The journey to the capital takes 16 hours and the return flight takes 14 hours.

The same air carrier offers an option with two transfers at a price of 94.1 thousand rubles. Due to long connections, you will have to spend 37 hours on the way and 22 hours when flying to Moscow. The route includes additional landings at the airports of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in early January, Kenya canceled visas for Russians, instead introducing paid electronic entry permits (ETAs).

Source: Tourdom



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