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Mauritius airport resumes operations after Storm Eleanor

Tropical cyclone Eleanor, which hit Mauritius yesterday, turned out to be far from being as long and destructive as one might think based on the forecast of weather forecasters. Now, judging by the comments of Russian tourists in chats, the weather on the island is quite comfortable: “Everything is fine, light breeze and sunshine.” This is also confirmed by footage from web cameras. And for tomorrow they are already organizing sea excursions to see whales and offering helicopter rides.

Meanwhile, forecasts for the cyclone were gloomy: wind speeds of up to 120 km/h, waves up to 8 m high, and merciless rain. The weather, indeed, noticeably deteriorated, cafes, restaurants, shops, schools and other institutions were closed, transport stopped, and tourists were forbidden to leave their hotels for some time. The airport in Port Louis has stopped accepting and releasing flights. However, already at about 15:00 local time (14:00 Moscow time), Russian vacationers began to receive messages about the cancellation of the storm warning. About an hour later the airport resumed operations.

Nevertheless, tourists who flew to Mauritius from Moscow and returned back had to be nervous. Departure from Sheremetyevo flight SU 246 detained for about a day: the Aeroflot Boeing was supposed to depart for Port Louis on the evening of February 21, but took off only yesterday at 19:00. Judging by the online board of the Moscow airport, flight SU 247 is expected to return from Mauritius today at 21:51 (the plane took off at 11:30, and was supposed to be at 11:00 yesterday). The next Aeroflot flight to Port Louis is today at 20:50, the status is “Check-in in progress”.

Cyclones in winter in Mauritius are a common occurrence. Forecasters say there are about a dozen serious storms in the southwest Indian Ocean between November and April each year. So, in mid-January the island covered Cyclone Belal. It was more serious than “Eleanor”: the Russian Embassy in Mauritius even issued an appeal to Russian tourists to take precautions.

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