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Media: another mass poisoning of children in a hotel near Moscow

At the Ershovo Park Hotel near Moscow, there was a mass poisoning of children and adults at a recent sports training camp. The father of one of the hospitalized athletes talks about this told Izvestia on Tuesday.

At the end of his shift, the man arrived at the hotel and learned from the coach about a sharp deterioration in the health of some of the vacationers that had occurred the night before. At the same time, the accompanying people tried to cope with the children’s illness on their own: “They sent someone to the pharmacy to get medications, and if the ambulance had taken them, the child would no longer be under the control of adults.”

Members of several teams were poisoned at once – all the victims dined in the same dining room. In total, more than 200 people, the man said. Since June 8 is the day of departure, most of the sick turned to doctors upon returning home.

Park Hotel Ershovo is located in the village of the same name in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. In turn, Ognikovo, where a similar incident recently occurred, is located about 30 km to the north. The father of the hospitalized child suggested that both establishments may purchase products from the same supplier, but there is no confirmation of this information. There have also been no official comments from local authorities yet.

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