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Media: Pegasus Airlines significantly reduces free hand luggage allowance

Budget airline Pegasus Airlines will soon change the rules for carrying hand luggage on many international routes. Among the main innovations are the charging of an additional fee for bags weighing more than 3 kg, report Turkish media.

It is assumed that the new tariff will be called light and will begin to operate on February 14. At the same time, passengers will still have the opportunity to take luggage weighing up to 8 kg into the cabin. However, if now this can be done for free, then soon you will have to pay extra for the “extra” 5 kg.

The first messages about changes in the airline’s policy began appearing yesterday on social networks, both in private accounts and in news publications. However, the authors of the posts do not give any specifics, just as the source of information is not indicated. Nevertheless, the reaction of potential and current clients of the company turned out to be quite violent and is still gaining momentum.

Many users are quick to accuse Pegasus Airlines of speculating on inflation and artificially inflating prices. Others note that the cost of flights to some destinations is equal to tickets from flagship carriers. Still others believe that with the new tariff, the low-cost airline will lose the lion’s share of passengers who will simply switch to other airlines or even modes of transport.

“Meals for an extra charge, seat selection for an extra charge, luggage for an extra charge, and now hand luggage for an extra charge. Maybe we should just pay the company every month and not fly anywhere?” – the passengers sneer. Some commentators suggest “not to waste time on trifles” and make it paid for: a toilet on board, the ability to look out the window and even fly while sitting.

Despite the fact that the authors of the posts address the airline directly, Pegasus Airlines itself has not yet made any official statements; the tariff schedule on the low-cost airline’s website remains unchanged. However, there is no refutation of the information or attempts to reassure travelers either.

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