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Milonov: Airlines should have special summer fares for families with children

During the holidays and high summer season, airlines should introduce special fares for large families. Such an initiative to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation offered consider State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov.

In a letter addressed to the head of the department, the legislator indicated that air ticket prices reach maximum values ​​in the summer. Therefore, for families with three or more children, traveling to resorts may be financially prohibitive. In this regard, airlines should be required to think about a fixed cost of transportation for this category of citizens. “I ask you to evaluate the possibility of introducing new preferential tariffs for passengers with many children during vacations and summer holidays,” the text of the appeal says.

Also, according to Vitaly Milonov, airlines should stop charging for luggage in which passengers carry things necessary for infants and preschool children: “Diapers, formula, a change of clothes, etc. are not an option for such passengers, but a vital necessity.”

Let us note that this is the Year of the Family in Russia. Therefore, many initiatives of deputies directly or indirectly relate to this topic. For example, last week they suggested approve quality mark “Families are welcome” in tourism. According to the initiators, it should be received by hotels that provide accommodation for tourists with children. Russian President Vladimir Putin liked this idea.

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