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Ministry of Transport: carriers will not be forced to collect additional data on passengers

Airlines, rail, river and maritime operators will not collect additional passenger data. Carriers will only be able to provide authorities with the information contained on their tickets. About it told Deputy Head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Dmitry Bakanov.

Earlier it became known that the ministry plans to expand the list of customer data that airlines transfer to a special state system. In particular, from September 1, the list will include information about telephone numbers, tickets, IP addresses from which the reservation was made, accounts and even bank cards of their passengers. The department called this step necessary to ensure transport safety.

At the same time, many experts, and even the carriers themselves, sharply criticized the innovation. This was probably the reason for the ministry’s additional comments. “The new order does not oblige carriers to collect additional information about the passenger, in addition to what they indicate when purchasing a ticket. The list of data is provided only if it is actually recorded in the airline’s information system,” explained Dmitry Bakanov.

In other words, if a carrier records the IP from which the client comes, then he is obliged to transfer it to the Ministry of Transport system. If a passenger pays for a ticket in cash at the ticket office, then the data on his card will not go anywhere, because the airline simply does not have it.

However, the innovation has already managed to cause a wave of indignation among ordinary citizens. Many readers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom” They are concerned that with this approach the ministry will take their confidential information to third parties and may end up in the hands of fraudsters.

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