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Ministry of Transport: it is a myth that it is dangerous to fly on the planes remaining in Russia

Russians have no reason to worry about the safety of flights on the foreign-made aircraft remaining with domestic airlines. Such a statement did Head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Savelyev at a meeting of the Federation Council.

During the official’s report, Senator Ivan Abramov noted that many citizens are now afraid to fly on airplanes. In particular, fear is intensified by foreign media reports about a sharp increase in the number of air accidents in Russia.

In response, Vitaly Savelyev reassured the speaker and called such news an example of unfriendly propaganda: “The myth about the danger of flying with Russian airlines is being promoted by the Ukrainian Center for Information and Communications. At the same time, Russia, even despite the sanctions imposed, continues to adhere to international aviation rules.”

According to him, airlines have practically no problems with servicing aircraft. Six engineering centers have now been launched in the country, 23 hangars have been built, in which about 80 narrow-body and 20 wide-body aircraft can be diagnosed and repaired per year.

In addition, carriers will soon begin to receive updated domestically produced aircraft. Thus, Red Wings has already put on flights the first reconstructed Tu-214, the Kazan UVT Aero is on the waiting list, and Aeroflot has placed an order for 40 such aircraft.

“This aircraft has proven itself very well. There is no need to worry about the service, it will remain the same as we are all used to,” the minister concluded.

It should be noted that incidents involving foreign-made aircraft in the fleet of Russian airlines are indeed now widely known. For example, S7 engines in Boeing aircraft failed several times during flights in January. The airline even found a common cause for such incidents and hastened to assure the public that the breakdowns were not critical.

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