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Minor tourists will not be allowed into Abkhazia and Armenia without a citizenship stamp

Information is being circulated on the Internet that from March 1, children will not be allowed to go abroad without a Russian citizenship stamp on their birth certificate. In some regions, queues lined up at passport offices, parent chats began to boil: reports of the rush were coming from the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, the Kaliningrad region and some other places.

The excitement, as Olga Kokhanyuk, leading lawyer at Bayborodin and Partners, explained to TourDom.ru, is caused by changes in a number of regulations governing citizenship issues in cases where a minor is allowed to travel to certain states on a birth certificate. These changes come into effect on March 1. We are talking, in particular, about visiting Belarus, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and South Ossetia – that is, those countries where Russians can enter with an internal passport.

Meanwhile, increased requirements for the presence of a citizenship stamp have been in effect at least since December last year, when the first cases of refusal to travel abroad appeared. And the new norm is connected with Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 889 of November 22, 2023 “Issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation” and Federal Law of April 28, 2023 No. 138-FZ “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”.

At the end of January, in response to numerous questions, the Border Service of the FSB of Russia even issued special clarifications regarding the presidential decree. Their essence is that a citizenship stamp is required if the child does not have any passport – he travels with his parents to those countries where he can get to with a general passport. A stamp is also required if the child is included in the passport of his parents. If he has his own similar document (it can be issued immediately after birth), then there are no problems – the baby can safely go on a trip. However, it’s better to be safe. “Border services may require a note on the certificate even if the child has a passport to travel outside the Russian Federation. Then it will be possible to prove who was right in this situation, but this will not be so important if travelers are not allowed to leave the country and the vacation is ruined,” noted Olga Kokhanyuk.

At the end of December last year, we wrote that at the Vladivostok airport, a family of tourists were not allowed to go abroad because the child did not have a citizenship stamp on his birth certificate: the border guards referred to some internal order that had been in force since November. At the same time, at least one more similar case was recorded, also in the Far East.

Source: Tourdom



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