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Mount Agung in Bali is closed to tourists

In Bali, tourists planning to take an excursion to Mount Agung in the near future are advised to reconsider their plans. From March 17 to April 14, the local natural attraction will unavailable for foreigners during Hindu ceremonies, The Bali Sun reported yesterday.

Regional authorities have announced that the famous Besakih hiking trail, as well as other routes to the top of the sacred mountain, will be temporarily closed. And they advised tourists not to enter the territory where Balinese religious rituals would take place under any pretext.

They promised to bring the violators to justice from the local community. Among the measures of influence are a monetary fine, although without specifying the amount, which will go towards financing these ceremonies, as well as some kind of “cleansing” process during their holding. There is also the risk of legal action for violating Indonesian customs and laws.

Tourists were asked to choose a different route these days – Mount Batur. From it you can see both the lake of the same name and the currently inaccessible peak Agung. And they reminded you to hire certified guides for your trek or join an official excursion to minimize dangers in mountainous areas.

The publication also noted that the closure of Mount Agung for religious ceremonies was a “golden mean” following the initiative of former Governor Wayan Coster to ban all tourism activities on the sacred peaks of Bali. The official explained this by the disrespectful behavior of foreigners.

In particular, a scandal in social networks was caused by a brawl between tourists in the temple complex during a sacred ritual. Claims were often made against Russians, for example, for indecent photos, dancing in a temple and public nudity.

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Source: Tourdom



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