Aragon It is one of the provinces of Spain where you can discover great rich people full of beauty. Each town has its charm, its attraction. Also has a particular origin and history. If we go back to ancient times, there are some that were Roman settlements, other towns that have an Arab past and those that offer a dreamlike natural landscape.

With the holidays just around the corner, many are already thinking what is the place you want to visit during those rest weeks. There are those whose favorite destination is the beach area, but there are also a large number of those who prefer to go to mountain areas to enjoy nights with more pleasant temperatures.

Paseo de la Independencia, Zaragoza, Aragon.

This is the best city in Aragon to retire: the second with the highest quality of life among the destinations in Spain

For all those Spaniards who want to take a getaway to an inland destination, they have to know that Aragon is one of the places to take into account, especially for wine and mountain lovers.

This is the Somontano region of Barbastro

The Somontano region of Barbastro It is located in the central area of ​​the province of Huesca. It extends between the outer mountain ranges of the Pyrenees and the Monegrina plains. His territory, with 1,163 square kilometersis crossed by different rivers: Alcanadre, Isuala, Vero and Cinca, among others.

It is an area of ​​Aragon where you can see a varied landscape, but a perfect destination for lovers of nature and adventure. In fact, Somontano is a place very turistic of the province to visit at any time of the year.

Views from the bell tower of the Parish Church of Santa María de Aínsa, Huesca.

The two towns of Aragon among the happiest in Spain

Barbastro It is the regional capital and is a reference area for both the inhabitants of Somontano and the rest of the neighboring regions. Not only is it a place to go to enjoy nature and landscapes, but it is also one of the areas where wine lovers can discover great flavors.


It is a land with reliefs and climatic conditions suitable for agriculture, especially to obtain oil, vegetables and its well-known wines. This pairing, which is achieved thanks to the vine grown on the terraces of the valleys found on the northern limit of the Ebro depression, has the seal Somontano Denomination of Origin.

The Romans were the ones who They consolidated the cultivation of grapes under the influence of the monasteries in the Middle Ages. Today, it produces high quality wines that are appreciated by consumers. It was in June 1986 when the PDO Somontano achieved registration with the European Union. And it is also registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization since June 2021.

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