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Noise outside the window ruined a man’s holiday in Turkey

A reader contacted the editors of TourDom.ru and told him about his unsuccessful vacation experience in Turkey. According to him, in November last year he bought a tour to Alanya (Turkey) – in a three-star hotel on the Bed and Breakfast system. On the spot, it turned out that opposite the window to his room there were some tanks that were making a hum around the clock. The reader stated that the noise caused him to be unable to sleep at night, suffer from insomnia and suffer “moral damage.” He filmed video tanks to show how noisy the room is due to their operation.

The man wrote to the tour operator with a request to move him to another room and received an answer: first of all, you need to contact the hotel reception or a representative of the host party. According to the reader, the hotel manager said there were no rooms available and “delayed his relocation.” In total, the man spent 7 nights in the noisy room.

Experts clearly agreed that serious arguments would be needed to prove poor-quality services. According to the lawyer of the Alliance of Travel Agencies, Maria Chapikovskaya, not only photos or videos from the room are needed, but also confirmation of negotiations on a replacement.

“Despite the fact that the services were provided on the territory of a foreign state, the consumer has the right to refer to the quality criteria provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including sound insulation,” explained Maria Chapikovskaya.

Lawyer Dmitry Davydenko was skeptical about the prospects for the success of this case, since it would be extremely difficult to prove whether these tanks exceeded the permissible noise level using one video:

“Everyone has their own permissible noise level, but there are generally accepted standards. It is necessary to understand whether these settings exceeded them or not. In addition, it will not be possible to sue for compensation if these conditions were agreed upon in advance: for example, this was reported by the hotel or operator or was indicated in the description in the voucher,” noted Dmitry Davydenko.

Experts also noted that the tour operator is responsible for the quality of services, so it is he who needs to first send a claim. You can go to court only if necessary (if after the complaint it was not possible to solve the problem) and if you have all the necessary evidence.

Previously, TourDom.ru told how a man tried to sue Russian Railways for compensation for moral damages because they wanted to kick him off the train because he didn’t have a middle name on his ticket.

Source: Tourdom



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