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“Now all passengers will go up in the air”: the flight from Sochi was delayed due to a false signal

Rossiya Airlines flight FV 6876 on the route Sochi – Krasnoyarsk was delayed for 4 hours due to a false signal from a passenger. About it reports telegram channel “Aviatorschina”.

The Boeing 737 was supposed to depart from Adler on February 13 at 21:50. When people were already invited to board, the woman told the flight attendants and the captain of the aircraft that she had heard a strange conversation in the clean area of ​​the terminal. The man, who was in the company of two other passengers, allegedly said: “Now we’ll see how everyone gets blown up.”

Airport services responded promptly. First, the flight was postponed by an hour and a half. A subscriber to the telegram channel “Roof of TourDom”, who was supposed to fly on this flight, wrote: “We were not told the reason for the delay. Everyone is disembarked from the plane for re-inspection of the airliner. There are dogs, police and firefighters all around!”

Suspicious passengers – three men – were removed from the flight. Airport staff re-checked all the luggage, and police officers with dogs inspected the Boeing cabin. The airport terminal and platform were also examined, but nothing dangerous was found.

As a result, the plane was sent to Krasnoyarsk with a 4-hour delay – at 01:37. He brought passengers to Yemelyanovo airport at 10:44 local time instead of 7:15 according to the schedule.

Source: Tourdom



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