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Officials in Kamchatka invite self-tourists and do not notice tour operators

Minister of Tourism of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Rusanov announced Creation an electronic resource for the sale of tourism products of the region for individual tourists. According to the department’s idea, a person who has bought an air ticket to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and booked a hotel will then be able to independently organize their holiday in the land of geysers and volcanoes using this resource. If the journalists understood him correctly, then this will be possible not only in advance, but even after arriving at the place.

What’s interesting is that the list given by the minister includes excursions and transfers, but there is no hint of full-fledged ready-made tours from tour operators offered by market representatives. Although this is the most convenient and reliable form for the end client. The emphasis is on planning independent trips.

It turns out that the new portal, which will probably be created at budget expense, in a certain sense can become a competitor for tour operators. How the selection of products that will be included in offers for tourists will be carried out is also not specified.

This is not the first time that the mood towards independent tourists, and not towards those who arrived in an organized group, can be seen in the words of Kamchatka officials. So one day the local minister of natural resources compared those who bought tours to locusts. And the chairman of the government explained that the peninsula was not going to “invite the whole world.”

Tour operators involved in domestic tourism and specifically Kamchatka do not see any problems in the emergence of a new electronic tool.

“This will not bring fundamental changes, since it does not provide new opportunities. Those who want to plan a trip to Kamchatka on their own can do so now. There will just be one more platform. There are people who are ready to spend time on selection, and organized tourists who, due to busyness and life at a high pace, simply want to buy a ready-made turnkey product with a guarantee that the vacation will be successful,” says Irina Reshetnikova, director of the tour operator “Aventuramania”.

Local tour operators do not believe in the speedy implementation of the ministry’s plans. At the moment this is an idea, there is no detailed information. So, there is no likelihood that anything will change radically in the coming season, since it is necessary to plan a quality trip to Kamchatka long in advance, since the aircraft fleet that allows you to see all the beauty, as well as the number of good quality rooms, is limited.

And in general, Kamchatka is not St. Petersburg, not Moscow, or even Sochi. Here excursions that are close to extreme are at the forefront, which forces special safety requirements to be met, which is much easier to comply with by purchasing a ready-made tour rather than assembling a puzzle yourself.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that in Kamchatka they are concerned about the carelessness of independent tourists who, having taken cheap tickets, arrive unprepared without warm clothes and shoes.

Source: Tourdom



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