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Oman Air passengers learned about the cancellation of the flight from Moscow right before departure

Yesterday evening flight WY 184 from Sheremetyevo to the capital of Oman, Muscat, did not take off. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner of Oman Air was scheduled to take off from Moscow at 23:20. “People have been on their feet since 20:20 (registration starts). The flight was postponed for 2 hours – first from 23:20 to 01:20, and then canceled altogether. Many have connecting flights to Thailand and other countries. Expensive hotels or business (work). Some Omani citizens’ Russian visas expired yesterday,” a subscriber from whom a tour to Oman was purchased and who was supposed to fly on this flight told TourDom.ru.

Passengers were not informed about the cause of the failure; perhaps the flight did not take place due to a malfunction of the aircraft. “Until five in the morning everything continued with screams and yelling, no one understood anything. Then we went through “reverse” border control, received the luggage that had already been checked in,” our interlocutor said, adding that the carrier provided hotel rooms to non-resident passengers, and paid for a taxi for Muscovites. The editors of TourDom.ru sent a request to the airline asking for comment on the situation.

Oman Air’s next flight from Sheremetyevo is scheduled to take place on June 4, and the carrier changed its ticket on this date. The situation with a hotel in Oman is more complicated. As the tourist said, according to preliminary information from the tour operator, the hotel is unlikely to return the money for 2 nights, and the tourist will have to pay extra to extend the stay.

According to lawyers, if a flight is canceled by the decision of the carrier, passengers are entitled to compensation. “If the ticket was part of a tourist product, then the tourist has the right to demand the provision of transportation and a reduction in the cost of the tourist product, and compensation for moral damages. If transportation is not provided, naturally, we will be talking about a refund of the cost of the tour and a penalty, a fine, and you can also file a claim for compensation for moral damage,” commented lawyer Dimitry Morozov.

In a situation where tickets were purchased outside the tour, passengers can count on the flight and payment for the delay, and in court – compensation for moral damages. “Or there may be a demand for a refund of the cost of tickets, as well as compensation (a fine) for the delay, a demand for the recovery of losses and moral damages,” noted Dimitry Morozov, explaining that the cost of burned tickets for connecting flights will precisely amount to the amount of losses.

We previously wrote that on May 21, Turkish Airlines also canceled regular flight TK 211 from Antalya to Moscow at the last minute. The passengers were escorted back across the border and placed in a hotel.

Source: Tourdom



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