Vienna and Salzburg are two Austrian destinations that are highly appreciated by tourists from Spain. But beyond these two beautiful cities, there are other surprising and much less known places, despite their idyllic landscapes and picture-postcard environments. One of them is Vorarlberga region located in the extreme west of Austria which is famous for its ski resorts and its beauty. We suggest you take a tour through this region of the Austrian Alps, through cities and picturesque towns that are surrounded by incredible nature.

Vorarlberg, the Austrians who chose to be Swiss

This beautiful area belongs to Austria, although it was almost part of Switzerland. After the First World War and the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Vorarlberg region voted in a referendum to join the Swiss Confederation. And although the request was rejected, even today many inhabitants are willing to join their Swiss neighbors.

The charm of Feldkirch

Feldkirch old town in Austria
Feldkirch old town in Austria

This beautiful medieval city (which borders Switzerland and Liechtenstein) is a true gem that you should not miss. Among the places of interest are the remains of the walls, the medieval Schattenburg castle (13th century) and the Gothic church of San Nicolás. You will also be surprised by the market square with its beautiful arcaded houses from the Middle Ages. And not only the architecture is a reason to visit this city, nature here is also the protagonist: in the Wildpark Feldkirch Nature Reserve You will have the opportunity to observe the local fauna in its natural habitat.

Stephansplatz, view on the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

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The town of Warth

Town of Warth, (Vorarlberg)
Town of Warth, (Vorarlberg)

Located just 5 kilometers from Lech, this beautiful Austrian town is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe where practice climbing, canyoning, rafting or even zip lining. An experience that, if you dare, you will never forget.

Bregenzerwald and the cheese route

the landscape of the Bregenzwald near Lech in Austria in summertime
Bregenzerwald, in the Austrian Alps

Halfway between Lech and Bregenz, we find this charming town that not only stands out for the tranquility and peace that it breathes. In addition to the beautiful meadows and steep mountains, we must add that in Bregenzerwald one of the best and tastiest cheeses in Europe is made. In addition to enjoying some of the numerous hiking options in the surrounding areaalong the route you will come across farms where you will have the opportunity to see how alpine cheese is made and you can also try it.

Lake Formarinsee

Panoramic mountain landscape with mountain lake in Austria.  Beautiful mountain lake in the austrian alps.  Mountain landscape with flowers in the foreground.
Panoramic of Lake Formarinsee.

It is one of the most beautiful places in the region. In fact, in 2015 it was chosen the most beautiful place in Austria with the mountain that borders it. In addition to being amazed by the calm that is breathed on its shores, if the good weather is with you, you will be amazed by the emerald color reflected in the water. It can be reached from Lech by bus. The lake, which forms anew every year from meltwater, is about a 5-minute walk away.

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Route from Lech to Lake Formarinsee

The famous mountain village of Lech during winter, Vorarlberg, Austria
The famous mountain village of Lech during winter, Vorarlberg, Austria

This walk, which is not difficult, is located near Lech am Arlberg (Vorarlberg). It is considered a moderate route. It can be done on foot, but it is also very popular among cyclists. By bike he goes from the town of Lech along the river of the same name, passing through the Formarinjoch and ending at the beautiful lake Formarinsee. After circling the lake, the route continues along the Rauhe Joch to the Freiberger Hütte. This family-friendly cabin offers self-service home cooking and is open from June to September.

By Hasenfluh and Lake Zürser

Alpine lake Zürsersee in Austria
Alpine lake Zürser See in Austria

It is one of the most beautiful routes that can be done in this area, although it is somewhat difficult. It is circular and covers a route of 6 kilometers, where you can enjoy peace like you have never seen. The best time to do it is from June to September. It’s found in the Zürs ski area. It leads to the Hasenfluh and the beautiful Zürser See, a wonderful natural alpine lake.

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