Spain It is full of very beautiful towns scattered throughout the geography and, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular regions for its natural, monumental and gastronomic wealth is Asturias.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the charming town of Asturias emerges. Torazu (Torazo in Spanish), including in the list of The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain. We are talking about a town with a lot of charm, which is a hidden treasure of barely 100 inhabitants.

Cobblestone streets and old granaries

Their Cobbled streetsexquisitely preserved rural architecture and old granaries They bring a unique beauty to this peculiar and wonderful enclave. Torazu, a name that resonates with a touch of magicit is a corner where traditions They are carefully treasured and community expressions have flourished since time immemorial.


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Torazu, village in the municipality of Cabranes

Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.
Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Located in the municipality of Cabranes, Torazu is a village-parish that stands on a gentle plateau that resembles a kind of camber, extending from the upper part of The Miyar, settlement of a old roman road, to Campo de la Sierra, where a beautiful oak microforest ages gracefully. It is at these two ends of the town where local festivities begin and end: the Boroña de Forna Festival in June and the celebration of Nuestra Señora del Carmen at the end of August.

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Among these points, a A route of eight hundred and fifty meters takes us through the cobblestone streets and the houses inhabited by warm and hospitable locals.

Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.
Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Centenary granaries and bread baskets

Torazu’s history is intertwined with its unique architecture. Centuries-old granaries and bread baskets with intricate carvings adorn the landscape, reminding us of the agricultural past and rural life that has persisted over the years. In 2008, the Princess of Asturias Foundation awarded this small corner the title of “Exemplary Town of Asturias”recognizing their commitment to the preservation of traditions and their unique beauty.

The Church of San Martín el Real

The Church of San Martín el Real, the oldest building in Cabranes, stands majestically in the heart of Torazu. This church, which dominates the landscape from 1685, is not only a testament to the community’s faith, but also an exceptional viewpoint offering stunning views of the surrounding area. Inside, the devotion to Virgin of Carmen manifests itself in all its splendor. Near the church, the Chapel of Our Lady of Sienra, surrounded by an oak grove, adds another touch of mysticism to the town.

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Indian houses

Torazu tradition and history are intertwined in every corner. The Indian housesbuilt by those who left in search of opportunities in America, enrich the architectural heritage with its colonial style and its vibrant colors. The hórreos and paneras, iconic structures of the region, highlight the connection with rural and agricultural life.

Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.
Torazu (Asturias), one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Torazu is not only a place of visual beauty, but also a destination that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.

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We are talking about a magical corner in the mountains of Asturias offering an authentic glimpse into rural life and the history of the region. Its rural architecture, deep-rooted traditions, and connection to nature make it a unique and special place that invites travelers to explore and marvel.

Torazu, in the Cider Region

The Cider Region It is a territory made up of six municipalities in the central-eastern part of Asturias. Specifically they are Bimenes, Cabranes (to which Torazu belongs), Colunga, Nava, Sariegu and Villaviciosa. All of them are dedicated to the production of Asturian cider. Torazu is also famous in Asturias for its Borona Festival (a very special empanada) that is celebrated in June with portions for more than four hundred people.

How to get to Torazu

The approximate distance between Torazu and Oviedo It is around 50 kilometers. Travel time by car can be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions and the route chosen.

From Gijon it takes a little less. The estimated distance by road is about 45 kilometers and travel time by car is usually between 40 minutes and an hour.

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