Just half an hour from Spain is one of the most charming towns in France. With the vacation around the corner there are many who are looking what will be your destiny to enjoy a few days of rest. For those who are still not sure where to go to disconnect, they should take into account a french municipality famous for skiing.

Saint-Lary-Soulan It is a mountain municipality that is located on the shore of the Neste d’Aure river. It is a true paradise for ski and snow lovers, because it has a station where this sport can be developed.

The station, located in the French high Pyrenees, is linked to the town with a cable car, in the center of the Village of Saint Lay-Soulan, and a cable car. The place is an icon of skiing, because it has more than 100 kilometers of slopes.

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However, this French town is not only a destination to resort to in the winter season, but also It has many other charms to discover in any month of the year.

What can you see in Saint-Lary-Soulan

The town of Saint-Lary-Soulan has another great attraction in addition to the snow: its Spa. It can be said that the municipality is a vacation place to visit to experience all the benefits of rest and relaxation that these centers offer.


The panoramic views of the French Pyrenees, its traditions, the fountain, the bell tower, the stone facades of its buildings or its particular streets, have made Saint-Lary Soulan an unparalleled place. He Aure Valleythe area in which this town is located, has different churches and hermitages with baroque altarpieces, polychrome virgins and 15th century frescoes that have to be visited at least once in their life.

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Traveling through this wonderful valley you can reach the Agos leisure center. It is a perfect place to spend a day with family or friends. having a picnic, since it has different tables and barbecues. In this area you can plan different water activities, such as kayaking, on the small lake with landscaped shores. Furthermore, there is a pump track for mountain bikers and a skate park.

Another of the peculiarities of this place is that, throughout the year, it hosts various musher meetings, that is, dog sleds. In addition, other events that are important in the region are celebrated, such as the Festiflocoon.

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