The Rioja It is one of the smallest communities in size in Spain, but it is great in historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage. In the Haro region is one of the hundred Most Beautiful Towns in Spaina tourist label for towns of less than 15,000 inhabitants with great heritage and landscape wealth, as well as a commitment to its conservation and protection.

Less than an hour from Logroño is Sajazarraa town guarded by a medieval castle and surrounded by vineyards (as you can’t do any other way when it comes to La Rioja).

Peñas de Cellorigo.

The beautiful town of La Rioja that hides the history of a disappeared castle

What to see in Sajazarra

This Rioja town has several monuments, witnesses of its centuries of history. He Castle-Palace of Sajazarra outlines the silhouette of this town of about 130 inhabitants. It was built in the 15th century when the town became the domain of the Velasco family, a prominent noble house of the Kingdom of Castile. Following the defensive architecture, it is mandatory to go through The arcthe only access door that remains of the four belonging to the wall from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Sajazarra Castle, La Rioja.
Sajazarra Castle, La Rioja.

It is essential to go through the Las Bodegas neighborhood, the old warehouse spaces of local growers, now converted into homes. From picturesque houses we move on to a more ornate one such as the mansion of the Martínez de Salinasa baroque style home.

Sajazarra has several temples such as Parish Church of Santa María de la Asunción. Its origin dates back to the 12th century, when King Alfonso VIII of Castile founded the Cistercian monastery of Santa María de Sajazarra there. Smaller in size and on the outskirts of the town is the Hermitage of Santa María de las CillasRomanesque style.

Church of Santa María de la Asunción in Sajazarra, La Rioja.
Church of Santa María de la Asunción in Sajazarra, La Rioja.

Hiking, climbing and wine tourism

In addition to the quiet walk through the centuries of history and cultural heritage of Sajazarra, you can take hiking trails through a valley full of vine and cereal crops or through the nearby lagoon. There are several trails of different lengths on the official Sajazarra website. Related to nature, also offered climbing activities and of bird watching.


He wine tourism and La Rioja go closely together. Also from the town’s website there is information about different wineries and guided tours available.

The accommodations in Sajazarra are characterized by their rustic but warm essence. With small hotels and inns and stone holiday houses They make Sajazarra a perfect destination for a getaway to disconnect. For those who travel on wheels, they have a motorhome service area (10 places and maximum of 72 hours).

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How to get to Sajazarra

Sajazarra is located west of La Rioja, 40 minutes by car from Logroño, 16 minutes from Miranda de Ebro and 15 from the small city of Haro. The best way to get there is via the LR-209 highway.

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