Far from the big cities, the emblematic monuments and the most tourist destinations, there are true wonders in the rural zones which are also worth visiting. Some of these incredible destinations are included in the list of Most beautiful towns in Spain, to which this year five other locations have joined. One of those that was already there and that is undoubtedly one of the most special is that of Puentedey, in the province of Burgos.

Although throughout Spain there are beautiful towns that are built in almost unlikely places, the location of Puentedey is unique in the entire Iberian Peninsula, and this town of just fifty inhabitants stands on top of a amazing stone arch which is just one of the many rock formations in one of the most extraordinary geological regions in the entire north of the country.

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Puenteduey, the town built on a natural bridge

The town that sits on a natural bridge created by a rock

Although Roman vestiges have been found in the region of Las Merindades, where Puenteduey is located, the origin of this town as such dates back to the time of the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, when some tribes from the Basque Country They began to populate the surroundings of this arch, which they believed God had created: hence they named it ‘Dei Bridge’.

This town, which was the only one that entered the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain in 2022, rises 15 meters above the Nela River basin, that crosses the emblematic natural bridge. Although the stone arch is its most photographed location, in Puenteduey there are also magnificent buildings that can be seen, and despite its small size, it has buildings as beautiful as the Romanesque church of San Pelayo or the Palacio de los Brizuela, erected in the geological formation itself between the 15th and 16th centuries.

An authentic karst paradise in Burgos

Chapel of San Bernabè in Ojo Guareña, Burgos, Spain.
Chapel of San Bernabè in Ojo Guareña, Burgos, Spain.

The region in which Puentedey is located is one of the karst areas most impressive in all of Spain. These geological formations, caused by weathering of various types of rocks, become another tourist attraction thanks to their imposing beauty, such as the natural monument of Ojo Guareña or the Pozalagua Cave, two of the largest enclaves produced by this type of erosion.

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How to get to Puentedey from Burgos

To get to this beautiful town from the city of Burgos, you have to take the N-627 to later take the CL-629 until reaching Cigüenza. Once in the municipality of Burgos, you just have to follow the BU-561 road to admire the incredible landscape of Puentedey. The car journey takes approximately an hour and a quarter.

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