Saragossa It is one of the most historic cities in the entire Iberian Peninsula. The capital of Aragon has experienced numerous battles and has witnessed many crucial events in the History of Spain, and therefore it is perfect for lovers of cultural tourism to spend a weekend discovering the main attractions and the hidden gems of this magnificent city.

Although most tourists are amazed by the Basilica del Pilar, The truth is that in Zaragoza there are other enclaves worth visiting, such as the Puerta del Carmen or El Patio de la Infanta. Another of those monuments that anyone who comes to the city has to know is the Aljafería Palace, one of the greatest architectural vestiges of the Muslims’ passage through the Iberian Peninsula.

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The impressive Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza

The Aljafería Palace recovers the guided tour service
The Aljafería Palace

The monumental Aljafería Palace was erected in the 11th century as a recreational residence for the Muslim kings who inhabited the area at that time. Throughout the entire palace you can find some of the best examples of Arab architecture, such as the magnificent polybulated arches which are found in practically all the most important rooms of this great and imposing fortress.

Admire its impressive rooms like the Golden Hall, its beautiful mosque or the Patio de Santa Isabel It is a unique experience that will immerse you fully in the kingdom of the taifas. The ornamentations, the cisterns and its magnificent exterior enclaves contribute to making it one of the largest representations of Muslim architecture remaining in Spain. Such is its grandeur that in 2001 it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Mudejar architecture of Aragon.

The Aljafería Palace closes its summer cultural program with a series on Verdi
The Aljafería Palace

With the Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, the Aljafería Palace became the residence of the Aragonese kings, Therefore, several modifications were made that did not take away one iota of greatness; indeed, they added magnificence to the fortress. Pedro IV ordered the construction of an adjacent palace, as well as the beautiful Church of San Martin. Years later, The Catholic kings They also ordered the construction of another mansion, increasing the already magnificent beauty of the place.

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The Aljafería Palace, next to the Alhambra in Granada and The Cordoba’s mosque, It is one of the great Muslim buildings that remain in Spain, which is why it is mandatory visit if you are going to spend a weekend in Zaragoza. Discover all the charms of this extraordinary place just it costs five euros (although it is free on the first Sunday of the month and the afternoon of the first Monday).

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