Just one hour and seven minutes by car from Faro, in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve, is Burgau, a charming coastal town with a postcard air that has little to envy of the well-known Greek island of Santorini. Surrounded by stunning cliffs, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, this former fishing village has become an ideal alternative for those seeking tranquility and authenticityfar from the tourist bustle.

While Santorini has succumbed to overcrowding in recent decades, Burgau keeps its essence intact. With its white houses and blue detailsthis picturesque Portuguese town evokes the same beauty and relaxed atmosphere that has made the Greek city famous, but without the crowds. A true hidden treasure at the gates of Spain!

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Dream beaches and traditional gastronomy

Burgau, Algarve in aerial view
Burgau, Algarve in aerial view

One of Burgau’s biggest attractions is its magnificent beachwhere you can enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round. With four kilometers of fine white sand, and calm, transparent waters, finding a corner to relax will not be a problem, especially outside of high season. Whether for a walk, sunbathing or cooling off in the sea, Burgau’s beaches are a true paradise.

But not everything is a beach in this charming town. Local gastronomy is another of its great attractions. In the old town you will find restaurants that occupy entire squares, with terraces full of charm and views of the Atlantic Ocean. From the most traditional dishes, such as cataplana (the regional stew par excellence), sardines and fresh grilled fish, to highland meats, there are options for all tastes. And don’t forget to leave room for the typical desserts, such as almond bolinhos, mogardinos, the famous queijinhos or Dom Rodrigos. A true delight for the palate!

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Exploring the Algarve: activities and culture

Streets of Faro in Algarve
Streets of Faro in Algarve

In addition to enjoying the tranquility and charm of Burgau, the Algarve offers endless activities for all tastes. With more than 200 kilometers of coastline, 115 beaches and 48 with access for people with reduced mobility, the options are endless. From boat trips with dolphin watching in Lagos to kayak routes through the caves, bays and cliffs of Albufeira, passing through navigation in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal.

For culture lovers, the region also has a lot to offer. In Faro, capital of the Algarve, you can admire the imposing wall that surrounds the old town, with its stone towers and arches of Arab origin. Don’t miss either the chapel of the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Churcha curious place covered by the bones of 1,200 Carmelite friars, exhumed in 1816 to make room in the city’s cemeteries and serve as a reminder of the brevity of human existence.

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In short, Burgau and the Portuguese Algarve offer a unique and authentic experience, with a charm that is difficult to find in other more crowded destinations. So if you are looking for a quieter ‘Santorini’ and accessible from Spainthis Portuguese corner may be the perfect option.

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