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Primroses are blooming in Sochi: where you can take beautiful photos

While it’s February all over Russia, spring has already arrived in the Krasnodar Territory. Photos and videos of primroses are already being shared on social networks. For example, mimosa is already in full bloom in Sochi, and the first magnolia buds have bloomed in the Southern Cultures Park. One of the subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TourDom” noticed that there are wisteria bushes in the park, but they are expected to bloom only in April.

In the Kuban-24 telegram channel, primroses were found in the forest near Goryachiy Klyuch, noting that for a whole week in the Krasnodar Territory the temperature was around +20 degrees.

“Starting today it will be a little colder. Tomorrow, according to the forecast, the temperature will drop, but this is not a problem for primroses, they are very resilient, they don’t care even if it’s covered with snow!” – noted in the post

Subscribers of “Roofs of TourDom” also reported that the weather in the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi in recent days was very pleasant – you could walk in sweaters and even T-shirts. But, according to Gismeteo forecasts, cold temperatures and rain are expected in Sochi in the coming week – daytime temperatures will not rise above +12.

Primroses are a real magnet for tourists who do not miss the opportunity to capture the beauty in photos or videos. Where else can you find flowering plants? Most often, primroses hide in the foothills in the gorges of mountain rivers – for example, in the Agur Waterfalls National Park.

In Sochi, snowdrops, primroses, cyclamen and winter flowers also bloom profusely – the peak occurs in the second half of February. They can be found in the Mzymta River valley.

Also, from the beginning of December until the end of winter, daffodils bloom, but for this you will have to go to Abkhazia – to Lake Ritsa or thermal springs.

Source: Tourdom



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