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Prospects for holidays in Abkhazia are being discussed on social networks after a warning from the Russian Foreign Ministry

Subscribers Telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” reacted to statement The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the “risks for foreign guests” in this republic. Many believe that the early release of the rapist undermines Russians’ trust in the authorities’ ability to protect vacationers.

Opinions about the attitude towards holidays in Abkhazia are generally divided. From the categorical: “There’s nothing to do there, the region has always been quite criminal,” “Every trip is always a risk,” to the pacifying: “I go to Sukhum and other places, I haven’t seen any extreme, it’s peace and grace.”

As representatives of travel agencies note, Abkhazia is very popular (last year the republic was visited by 1.3 million tourists from the Russian Federation), now sales are going on even in September: especially in Pitsunda and Gagra, tourists are now booking hotels in full swing, and some prefer to stay in rented apartments

Nevertheless, the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can change the plans of the Russians – this is evident from the comments.

Those who like to come to the Gagripsh resort complex every year decided to change the tradition this year: “Until this degeneracy is closed, you shouldn’t go.”

However, some subscribers believe that there will be no global changes.

“The locals don’t worry about it at all, they know very well that the Russians will come anyway and bring money, so you can do anything crazy,” writes a subscriber to the Telegram channel.

Some suggest that in response, at a minimum, declare a “boycott in terms of tourism.” But just recently Russia offered them to build the Sukhum airport at the expense of a Russian investor, apparently, in the end there will be no airport, the tg channel concluded.

The reason for the statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the decision to release Abkhazian citizen E. Abukhba on February 2. In April 2021, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for the rape and robbery of a Russian tourist.

Source: Tourdom



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