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Putin: Air ticket prices need to be controlled

“It is important to prevent excessive increases in ticket prices while unconditionally ensuring the quality of passenger service and flight safety. These issues should be a priority for both carriers and the Ministry of Transport and other relevant departments,” Vladimir Putin said at today’s video meeting with members of the Russian Government on the development of air transportation in the country.

The head of state noted the high pace of modernization of airfield infrastructure: runways, communication points, weather stations, airport equipment. Over the past 6 years, 33 such facilities have been put into operation in Russia, and 13 more are planned by the end of the year. At the same time, it is necessary to think through a mechanism for financing such projects: “It is important that the additional financial burden does not lead to an increase in prices for air tickets,” the president emphasized. Obviously, this is a signal to the Ministry of Transport, which previously proposed to reconstruct regional airports, including through new fees from airlines. If they pass on their additional costs to passengers, air tickets may rise in price, experts estimate.

Vladimir Putin announced the growth dynamics of passenger air transportation in Russia: “Last year, domestic air transport carried over 105 million passengers. The increase was 10.7%. This is more than previously predicted; we thought we would transport somewhere around 103 million people.” At the same time, almost 83 million citizens used domestic airlines. “Passenger traffic in this segment was more than 13% higher than in the pre-Covid 2019 year,” the president noted.

Separately, Vladimir Putin focused on the topic of production of new domestic airliners: “Russian aircraft must meet all requirements for quality, comfort and safety of flights, be truly globally competitive in their technical characteristics, and their transfer to airlines must take place within the agreed time frame, without delays or delays.” .

Let us remind you that the president announced the plans of airlines to produce more than 1 thousand passenger aircraft of various types by 2030 in December during the “Results of the Year” direct line.

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