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Resort fees in Russia called anti-advertising for domestic tourism

People’s representatives of the Stavropol region believe that the maximum resort tax rate is 100 rubles. per person per day – does not satisfy all the needs of the region for tourism development, and it needs to be increased. The day before, regional deputies sent amendments to the federal law “On conducting an experiment in the development of resort infrastructure” to the State Duma, which increase the maximum amount to 200 rubles, and also propose spending the funds received from the collection not only on repairing sidewalks, benches, and tidying up beaches and other objects of tourist and recreational infrastructure, but also for “other purposes”. Among them are the holding of concerts, festivals and other cultural events.

“I think these are actions coordinated with the federal center,” Georgy Mokhov, founder of the legal agency Persona Grata, commented to TourDom.ru. – Most likely, the initiative to increase the amount of the fee was discussed both in the Government of the Russian Federation and in the State Duma. In order to prepare the “passability” of a legislative initiative, it must be discussed first.”

As for “other purposes”, where the funds received from the collection can go, except for improvement, then, according to the lawyer, if due to raising the upper limit, budget revenues double, then the issue of diversifying expenses will become relevant. Last year, for example, the region received 653 million rubles, in the future it can increase revenue by 2 times, which means that you can set your sights on something else besides benches and sidewalks.

Let us note that in the Stavropol Territory the maximum amount of the resort fee has been established; it was approved at the same level last year in St. Petersburg. However, this city still has a zero rate – tourists were allowed not to pay while the process of administering the resort fee was being set up and debugged.

Many experts note the difficulty in administering the collection. But there are other problems. “I continue to believe that the resort fee is anti-advertising for domestic tourism,” expert Alexey Kozhevnikov told TourDom.ru. “No conclusions were drawn from the previous experiment No. 214-FZ of 2017, there is no analysis, no justification for the need to collect economic calculations, but they should have been, but there is only a desire for a source of additional collection for the budget.”

According to Kozhevnikov, in world practice, resort fees are a deterrent mechanism for excess tourist flow and are aimed at foreign tourists. “The obligation to collect the fee from us still lies with bona fide entrepreneurs (hoteliers). They already regularly pay taxes to the state, which remain in the region and should be directed by the municipality to the development of local infrastructure, which results in double collection. And the lion’s share of the “gray” housing market for tourists did not pay this fee, and still does not pay. Acquiring costs for accepting resort fees continue to be borne only by bona fide entrepreneurs. And this is only part of the questions that are not answered by the authorities,” the expert noted.

In the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” we inquired from subscribers: what is the most appropriate way to spend proceeds from the resort fee and how to generally treat it.

Almost a third of survey participants (31%) were in favor of abolishing the fee altogether. And 29% of voters believe that the money should go exclusively to the construction and repair of tourist infrastructure. Only 2% of respondents agree to spend money on concerts, festivals and other “other purposes” proposed by deputies of the Stavropol Regional Duma.

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