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Rospotrebnadzor about the outbreak of infection in Dombai: “There is no epidemic”

Tourists and experts discuss the rotavirus outbreak at the ski resorts of Karachay-Cherkessia. There is a problem, there is no epidemic.

“Last week, a colleague was on vacation in Arkhyz, out of 10 people, four caught rotavirus,” “one year they were in Dombay, the second in Arkhyz, both times they returned with rotavirus,” “a group of 30–40 people, 80–85% are sick,” – news that there is an infection in the resorts of Dombay, Arkhyz and Teberda, called there are a lot of comments in the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom”.

According to MASH, the outbreak of the disease is in Dombay – mass calls to doctors there began at the end of December: “On average, there are 25-30 poor people a day with symptoms of rotavirus.”

Possible reasons cited were imported water and disposable tableware, which are collected, washed and reissued.

Officially, the numbers are different locally. “There is no epidemic. According to statistics, we have approximately 10 cases of the disease per month,” Elena Pokrovskaya, press secretary of the Rospotrebnadzor Office for the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, clarified TourDom.ru. However, she noted that the data is based on medical reports, and tourists who come for a day or two usually do not seek help.

However, according to a representative of the department, there are complaints, sanitary-epidemiological and laboratory studies are being carried out.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, the water at the resorts is normal. In the same Arkhyz it is extracted from a well, from where it is bottled for sale.

“I can’t say that some cafe can be a hotbed of infection, the situation is different. There is crowding, and people infect each other,” suggested Elena Pokrovskaya. The Republic’s Ministry of Health declined to comment.

Local travel companies assure that there are no global problems: “I don’t see an epidemic, yes, perhaps there are isolated cases. Usually all this is associated with water, but it is clean,” a representative of Dombay Vershina explained to TurDom.

Infectious disease doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Yurik Shakhverdyan noted that such a situation is indeed possible due to the overcrowding of the population during the holiday season in the mountains. He also dispelled the myth that rotavirus is the scourge of summer resorts. According to the doctor, the virus is more tenacious in the cold.

The expert advised washing your hands not only before eating, but also after contact with surfaces in public places. Also wash vegetables and fruits, and drink water after boiling or bottled.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Russian Railways advised a tourist who fell ill because of her neighbors on the train to buy the entire compartment.

Source: Tourdom



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