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Rosstat decided to clarify the difference between a tourist and an excursionist, but separated Pasha and Katya

On the Internet they are discussing information material that is well designed and published on its website Rosstat in order to talk about the trends in the development of tourism in Russia. However, subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” drew attention to the funny mistakes made by the specialists of the statistical department.

In the first section, Rosstat decided to explain to the average person how an excursionist differs from a tourist, since many do not understand the difference between them. They decided to do this using the example of an abstract resident of Khimki near Moscow, Pasha, and “his friend Katya.”

In the story, young people came to Kolomna together to get acquainted with the local beauties and attractions. After examining the Kremlin, Pasha decides to return home. He is an excursionist, Rosstat explains. But his friend Katya prefers to spend the night at a hotel so that in the morning she can continue exploring Kolomna with renewed vigor. She is a tourist.

Rosstat presentation

It seems like the difference between a person who came to another city on an excursion and someone who arrived there for tourism purposes has been explained, but some confusion arises. “Why didn’t Pasha stay with his friend, and Katya didn’t follow Pasha’s example – did they really quarrel?” – the administrator of the telegram channel asks a reasonable question “Roof of the TourDom”which causes heated discussion among subscribers.

There were many versions of why Katya ran away from her friend to a hotel room. One of the subscribers decided that Pasha was a married guy, so he returned to Khimki to his legal wife, and Katya was a girl with low social responsibility. Many thought that the couple had a quarrel during a tour of the local Kremlin, and Kolomna was not a place for romantic trips.

Concluding the above-mentioned section on the difference between a tourist and an excursionist, Rosstat noted that in 2022 the former made 153.9 million trips across Russia. That is, it is “Katerina” who do the statistics. The department did not specify how often “Pavels” ride around the Russian Federation. However, it is possible that this will be done in the next presentation. By April, Rosstat will have a report on tourism development for 2023. And there, perhaps, they will release a second season with a presentation about Pavel and Katerina.

Source: Tourdom



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