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Russian man fined for colliding with train in Sri Lanka

A traffic violation in Sri Lanka ended with a hospital bed and half a million dollars for Alexander L. fine. On February 15, a court in the city of Halle ordered a Russian citizen to compensate for damage to railway property and pay for violating traffic rules, the Daily Mirror reported today.

The accident occurred at a railway crossing in the Ahangama area. While driving the car, the Russian decided to get ahead of the approaching express train. As a result of the collision, he and his passenger were hospitalized with injuries at Karapitiya Hospital in the suburbs of Galle.

The accident damaged the locomotive and the alarm system. The Railway Department calculated a loss of 1.78 million rupees (525 thousand rubles). The police filed a claim under the traffic rules for 56 thousand rupees (16.5 thousand rubles). The condition of the car was not specified in the publication.

At the trial, the lawyer speaking on behalf of the tourist said that he would plead guilty to the charges and was going to leave the country on February 29.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in Sri Lanka, a Russian tourist fell out of the carriage while the train was moving, while trying to take a selfie: she was hospitalized with injuries of varying severity to a local hospital. Currently, the island’s authorities are discussing the extension of visa-free entry for Russians after March 31, when the grace period ends.

Source: Tourdom



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