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Russian tourists are again promised direct flights to the Philippines

A delegation of high-ranking Philippine officials arrived in Russia. Plans include negotiations on the resumption of direct flights between the countries and participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will take place this week.

How told Governor of Cebu Province Gwendolyn Garcia, the launch of flights between the countries is being discussed today by representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Philippines and the Federal Air Transport Agency. Moreover, among the intentions is the signing of an agreement with Aeroflot to launch programs from Moscow to Cebu.

The governor noted that the airline had already conducted a dialogue with Manila and requested slots at the international airport, but then the national authority was refused. The official reason is that the airport is too busy. But in Cebu there are no such problems, so they are waiting for Aeroflot there. Moreover, last year the carrier received a package of permits for flights to the republic, but never used them.

According to Gwendolyn Garcia, the launch of flights from the Russian Federation is now a priority. The province sees great interest among Russian tourists in traveling to Asia, especially Thailand. So the resorts of the Philippines are ready to join the fight for vacationers.

However, it is worth recalling that last year negotiations on the direct opening of air services were also conducted. The Ministry of Industry and Trade even took part in them. However, the dialogue did not lead to significant success at that time. The risk remained that Philippine airports would simply refuse to serve Russian airlines due to the threat of sanctions. Perhaps the situation will change now.

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