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Russian tourists are among the top three lovers of Thailand

Russian tourists became the third largest number of tourists visiting Thailand in the first 7 weeks of this year. From January 1 to February 18, 347,837 of our compatriots entered the country. True, the gap from the first two places is quite serious: most often the Chinese (almost 988 thousand people) and Malaysian citizens (641.6 thousand tourists) came to Thailand. Next in the “tournament table” are two more Asian countries: South Korea, to which Russia was inferior back in January (just over 321 thousand people), and India (258.3 thousand).

In total, according to the Minister of Tourism and Sports Sudavan Wangsuphakitkoson, 5.2 million people visited Thailand at the beginning of the year and this is 1.5 times more than last year. But in fairness, it must be said that only in January 2023 were the last Covid restrictions lifted in the country.

However, the reason for the increase in tourist flow is not only and not so much this. Visa relaxations played a role. Thus, in November 2023, Russian tourists had their visa-free stay in the country extended from 30 to 90 days (valid until April 30). The issue of visa-free entry for citizens of China, Kazakhstan and some other countries was also resolved, and a threefold increase in the visa-free period for residents of the European Union is being considered. Regarding the increase in arrivals from Malaysia, how notes edition of The Nation, it is associated with simplification of the border traffic regime.

At the end of January, it became known that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would make a proposal to the country’s Cabinet regarding liberalization of the visa regime for foreign tourists. In particular, according to TAT, it is necessary to extend the validity of the 90-day visa-free visa for Russians beyond April 30.

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