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Russian tourists compare obtaining Schengen visas to a lottery

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained how Schengen visas are now issued to Russians. “As far as I know, failures do occur, but they are not widespread. In accordance with international practice, authorities are not required to notify the reasons for refusal, which can be of a very different nature. I note, however, that the consular offices of France, Italy and Spain continue to issue tourist visas to Russians,” Artem Studennikov, director of the first European department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, told RIA Novosti yesterday.

The trend is also confirmed by subscribers of our telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”. In the comments, they shared their experience of obtaining Schengen in the last few months.

Indeed, the undisputed leaders in issuing visas are France, Spain and Italy; if there are any refusals, they are insignificant. At the same time, as subscribers note, the document may be refused if a tourist tries to use the services of companies that promise to help with registration: “Most of the refusals are due to “helpers.” Carefully collect documents strictly according to the official list, and everything will be ok.” However, such a statement seems at least controversial – the likelihood that a tourist will make mistakes when preparing documents and, as a result, will receive a refusal is not at all zero.

As for the validity periods of entry documents that Russians receive, they can vary greatly. It often happens that after a rich visa history, our compatriots received a short-term visa: “I applied for a French visa last week. After a two-year Swiss business visa (and a large number of Finnish ones), the French gave me 1.5 months. I guess I didn’t get a particularly generous consul,” “Spanish visa for a month. In fact, for one trip,” “After two passports with three German, three Spanish, Dutch, Swiss, two French, four Czech and the last one-year and 1.5-year Italian visas, I received an Italian one for 30 days in the new passport.”

However, there are also positive examples. “At the end of December I applied for the French Schengen visa for a trip in May. They gave it for 2 years,” “Italy for 2 years for me and my daughter, we received it in January, it took a little over a month to process it. We always do it ourselves,” “Spain, 3 years. Almost like the good old days.”

The consular services do not have a clear logic regarding how long to issue a visa, the participants in the discussion note. “It’s like a lottery,” one of the subscribers makes a comparison, explaining that tourists from the same group can receive a document for both a year and six months. Although a good, as they say, “rolled back” visa history, of course, increases the chances of getting a stamp for a longer-term entry permit. On the other hand, a new international passport with blank pages can reduce these chances – even though the consulates have information about the applicant’s previous documents.

At the end of January, it became known that the Spanish visa center no longer accepts everyone without an appointment. The option, which lasted only 1.5 months, was cancelled. Now you can apply quickly only for an additional fee. Everyone else is asked to do the old-fashioned job of looking for free slots in the online registration system, filling out forms and only then coming to the office.

Source: Tourdom



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