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Russian tourists have sharply increased interest in expensive holidays in Turkey

The first stage of early booking of Turkish hotels, which ended in January, showed that Russian tourists’ interest in premium holidays this summer has sharply increased. Travel agency companies, representatives of tour operators, and hoteliers themselves talk about this.

In particular, as Igor Blinov, director of development for OnlineTur.ru, said, in just one office of the chain, sales of Rixos hotels increased several times at the beginning of this year. “Tourists want to book time-tested, high-level hotels, because now they already pay a lot. Of course, along with such hotels, they also choose something more affordable in price, but not so regularly,” explained Igor Blinov. According to him, for a wealthy tourist, given that prices have risen, it is not a problem to pay an extra 50-100 thousand rubles. “The issue of trust in brands is important here,” the expert clarified, adding that an increase in bookings is observed not only for Rixos, but also for other premium chains and specific hotels.

Other participants in the retail market also confirm the growing interest in expensive vacations. “This year, in general, we note an increase in the depth of booking tours, as well as an increase in demand in the summer season for hotels of the Rixos, Voyage, Maxx Royal, Papillon, etc. chains,” Level.Travel told TourDom.ru. At the same time, rising prices do not bother luxury fans. For example, the average check for the popular Liu Resorts hotel increased by 14% compared to last year: 293 thousand rubles. versus 258 thousand for 7 nights in the first month of summer for two adults and a child. And for hotels of the Voyage chain (Voyage Belek Golf & Spa and Voyage Sorgun Hotel) the average bill increased even more – by 20%. “In 2023, a week in June cost about 382 thousand rubles, this year – from 460 thousand rubles. for the composition of tourists 2 + 1,” noted Level.Travel.

Similar observations are made in Sletat.ru. “Indeed, this season, from January 1 to February 14, bookings for the luxury segment are much more intense than during the same period last year. For some hotels, growth rates reach 100%,” said Lyubov Voronina, head of international projects at the company. This trend can be explained by the failure that was recorded at the beginning of last year. “Due to an unregulated price increase scheme, the cost of a tour package and the cost of accommodation at the early booking stage increased by 30–40% in ruble equivalent, and everyone abruptly decided to wait to see what would happen in the season. As a result, in expensive resorts in mid-June and at the beginning of the summer season, the occupancy rate was no more than 50%,” explained Lyubov Voronina. Now the Turkish side has taken a more conscious approach to pricing, and accordingly, bookings are qualitatively better than a year ago.

Tour operators also confirm this. “The demand is high – this is evidenced by the load of flights of our flight program to Bodrum on the Lujo BlackJet business airliner: the program started on April 24 and the load of the first flights of the program is now 90%, and on some dates the board is completely full,” Alexandra told TourDom.ru Dmitrieva, head of the PR and communications department of LOTİ. She added that the leaders in reservations are occupied by such premium hotels as Lujo Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, The Bodrum Edition, Amanruya Bodrum, Rixos Bodrum, Macakizi Hotel Bodrum 5* and others.

Representatives of hotels also note an increase in demand. Cullinan Belek told its editors that some issues for June are already sold out. The hotel did not increase prices this year. In NG Phaselis Bay they also left the tariffs the same.

The tour operator Anex also reported that the approach to early booking had changed and this ultimately led to an increase in applications. “This year, the tour operator and hotel business jointly decided to restore tourist confidence in early booking, so the approach to the pricing policy was in accordance with this strategy,” the company explained to TourDom.ru. Anex added that another factor is the communications of hotels with agents in partnership with a tour operator, which have intensified this year: “Now is the period of presentations, business dinners, breakfasts, and our plans, including ours, include a larger number of events than last year previously. This indicates a particularly high interest among hoteliers in the Russian market.”

However, according to tour operators, these factors played a positive role not only in the expensive but also in the more affordable segment.

Source: Tourdom



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