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Russian tourists will be able to top up cards of Turkish banks through Sberbank

Sberbank has opened the possibility of money transfer to a Turkish bank card. A subscriber reported this to the editors of TourDom.ru. “Just yesterday, after updating my banking application for my smartphone, I saw that you can transfer money to an account or card in Turkey. It is very comfortable!”


In the application, you can make a transfer both by account number in a Turkish bank and by card number. In the first case, you can send from 150 rubles. up to 10 thousand rubles for one transaction. In the second – from 30 to 150 thousand rubles. The commission will be 1% of the amount.

The total amount of the transaction is limited: when transferring to a bank account, the limit is 750 thousand rubles. per day, no more than 300 thousand rubles can be credited to the card. per day. Moreover, the money will arrive faster for plastic – from a few minutes to one day, for the account – up to 5 working days.


In the old mobile application and on the Sberbank website, transfers to Turkey are still impossible.

Cardholders in Turkish banks welcome the opportunity to transfer money from an account in a major Russian bank: “The option is convenient for tourists, for example, for those who want to buy excursions on the street or make a large purchase.” “Now I tried it – the commission is divine, and the rate is not orders of magnitude higher, 3.1 against the “Golden Crown” with its 3.07, tolerable. I sent it through ZK in the morning, it hasn’t arrived yet, but now from Sberbank it’s already on my account in a few minutes.”

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” report that the financial institution may have had the option of transferring to Turkey a little earlier: “About a week ago, my parents from Sber sent themselves money to Turkey.” However, there was no official information in the media from the bank on this matter.

Previously, Russian citizens could top up their accounts in Turkish banks through the “Golden Crown” system: at points or online. Non-cash swift transfers from the Russian card of Raiffeisenbank and some other financial institutions were also available.

Source: Tourdom



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