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Russians are offered to fly to Nha Trang with a stopover in Kazakhstan

Travel agents are discussing new tours to one of the resorts in Vietnam – Nha Trang, which were put up for sale by the Kazakh tour operator Selfie Travel in partnership with Europort. Tours are planned starting April 11 from Yekaterinburg and April 15 from Novosibirsk, on board Sunday Airlines with a refueling stop in Almaty.

Prices for tours – from 220 thousand from Novosibirsk and from 223 thousand from Yekaterinburg (hotels from 3*, for two people, 10 nights).

The same operator already launched tours using a similar scheme last year – then the company flew from Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk to Phu Quoc Island (Vietnam) with an intermediate landing in the Kazakh city of Taraz. The program continues to this day, despite the fact that Selfie Travel suddenly canceled some of these flights last November. There were also incidents involving plane delays – at the end of December, tourists returning to Russia had to spend more than 12 hours in Taraz due to a broken down plane.

Travel agents’ opinions on whether new tours to Nha Trang via Almaty will be in demand vary. Some argue that this is interesting for tourists, but many agree that there are not enough direct flights to Nha Trang.

“If we had direct flights to Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang… Now not everyone is ready to fly with transfers: there are older tourists, there are tourists with children who don’t like it,” said Evgeniy Finaev, executive director of the Dogmatour travel agency.

Some travel agents believe that tours to Nha Trang are too expensive.

“We sent several tourists to Fukuoka with a technical landing in Taraz. Reservations were made in December at very good prices – one tour 130 thousand for two, the second 210 thousand for two for a great “five”. Now prices start from 230 thousand for two (in Phu Quoc – Ed.), tourists immediately dismiss it,” said Anastasia Dyakonova, director of the Monaco travel agency.

Direct flights to Hainan and Nha Trang would be useful, as they would allow you to get to the Vietnamese resort faster and, perhaps, cheaper than through Kazakhstan. However, the prospects for their launch from Russian regions are not clear.

Aeroflot now has the only direct route to Vietnam from Russia – at the end of January, the national carrier launched flights from Moscow to Ho Chi Minh City in partnership with the tour operator Biblio-Globus. It offers combined tours Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet, prices at the end of February start from 220 thousand rubles. (for two people, 7 nights).

Source: Tourdom



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