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Russians are twice as likely to complain about poor conditions in hotels

Russians have begun to complain more often about the poor quality of services in hotels, Izvestia reports. The top complaints include problems with cockroaches and bedbugs, poor cleaning and refusal to issue cash receipts. In addition, some hotels did not have fire extinguishers or fire alarms, and facilities with transfer services did not have a license to transport passengers.

According to the consumer rights organization Public Consumer Initiative, messages began to arrive 2 times more often than in 2022. Its representatives believe that the reason for the complaints was the current moratorium on business inspections. Now Rospotrebnadzor can only conduct a preventive visit, but according to the law, it must be notified at least 5 working days in advance, and based on the results of the violation, the body has the right only to make recommendations to eliminate the violations. Controllers do not have the ability to take action, initiate an administrative case or impose sanctions on a business. As a result, hoteliers are not afraid of the sudden arrival of an “auditor,” and because of this, the number of violations is growing.

In recent years, Russians have begun to travel more within the country, so the load on the infrastructure has increased. Domestic hotels were not ready for the influx of customers, so they did not have time to maintain the rooms in proper condition, explained Chairman of the “Public Consumer Initiative” Oleg Pavlov to journalists.

Some subscribers of the telegram channel agree with this opinion about the quality of Russian hotels “Roof of the TourDom”. “It never rose,” wrote Maria Shardina. Some noted a drop in the quality of services due to a lack of staff. “Last fall, I stayed at Sirius – cleaning was done once in 7 days, and then it was very superficial. We went and changed the towels ourselves. This never happened before, they cleaned regularly – once every 2-3 days,” reader Ruslan shared his experience.

To be on the safe side, tourists can study hotel reviews on accommodation services and compare information about different properties.

If the room turned out to be of poor quality or the service was not provided in full, the guest has the right to demand that the hotel solve the problem, make a discount, compensate the payment or return the money if the defect was not eliminated on time. Sometimes it is written in contracts that if the client is dissatisfied, the hotel can only solve the problem, and will not reimburse costs or move to another room. This violation Art. 16 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, therefore such a clause in the document is invalid.

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