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Russians came on an excursion to a temple in Bali through the back door

In Bali from the Besakih temple complex kicked out a group of foreign tourists for non-compliance with the dress code. As Indonesian news outlet Liputan6 reported yesterday, the attention of security guards from the local village community was attracted by people wearing “underwear and bikinis.” According to the police, they were Russians.

The incident occurred on March 30 at the most revered sanctuary on Mount Agung. One of the visitors filmed how it all happened. The patrol’s attention was attracted by two adults, accompanied by five children, who stood out sharply from the background of other people. First, the tourists were reprimanded about their clothing: they were wearing shorts, T-shirts, and one child was wearing swimming trunks. And then the man was asked to show the entrance tickets. It turned out that they all entered the territory through one of the unguarded service entrances in the forest area.

As a result, the unwanted guests were asked to leave. The angry head of the family tried to prove to the imperturbable guardians of order that they were wrong. He pointed at the pilgrims passing by, asking if everyone here had paid the entrance fee.

As the media found out, that day 337 tourists passed through the main entrance with the ticket office. For an excursion, foreigners are charged 90 thousand Indonesian rupees (525 rubles), and 40 thousand less from local tourists. For this money, they are provided with the rental of a sarong – a piece of fabric that is traditionally used to wrap men and women, as well as guide services and transfers.

It is unknown whether adult offenders have been charged with failure to comply with local customs. In addition, authorities have banned all foreigners from walking on the trails on Mount Agung from March 17 to April 14 for the duration of Hindu ceremonies.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that three tourists from Russia were detained for inappropriate behavior in one of the temples in the Besakih complex. As a result of the investigation, the couple was deported from Indonesia, and the third girl was found not guilty.

Source: Tourdom



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